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Premier Mobile Tax Service, LLC has served communities for over eight years. We offer professional federal and state income tax preparation at a low cost to you, on the go. Our motto is "We come to you!"

At Premier Mobile Tax Services, LLC, we constantly strive to provide the best income tax preparation services possible to our clients. In addition to our tax preparers maintaining an awareness and understanding of the most current tax laws, our goal is to provide our clients with an understanding of what information is included on their tax return and how it impacts the tax return. As tax professionals, we are bound by a set of professional standards and continuing educational requirements to maintain the highest levels of quality in tax return preparation. It is just as important for the taxpayer to understand what is on the tax return because the taxpayer takes responsibility for the contents of the tax return by signing and filing it. Our tax professionals offer in-depth experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver clients the insights and innovation they need to maintain compliance and drive value, wherever they do business.

We offer

  • Mobile Tax Preparation
  • Mobile Notary Service
  • College Financial Aid Consulting
  • Health Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Franchising Opportunities
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Tax time is a stressful time for many individuals. Given the complexity of the ever-changing laws and the difficulty of interpreting them, you need a tax advisor who not only can ensure you’ve complied with the law, but who can help you claim valuable deductions and credits you may have never suspected.

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How many times have you needed a document notarized and time was running out? You go to your local bank or drug store and find out they no longer offer notary services. Now you can turn to us.


Premier Mobile Tax Service, LLC, can guide families through the entire college application process by identifying schools most likely to provide a generous aid package and through comparing award offers.


We're here to help you find the health insurance you need, no matter where you live or what time of day.


With our unique system, iPROTECT builds a complete shield around your identity from beginning to end - leaving nothing to chance.


There's never been a better time to own a Premier Mobile franchise. Our franchises set you up for success right away with access to top-of-the-line support, excellent branding strategies, and established business models.

Our Mission


We care about our client’s tax liability. We offer personal and professional tax preparation services to maximize your refund and lower your tax liability. Premier Mobile contracts highly qualified consultants who strive to keep cost to the client as reasonable as possible. We encourage face-to-face tax preparation; however, if your state does not have a local tax consultant, we have other options available for you and we are eager to help. We want to develop a relationship with each client. Our goal is to get your tax liability as low as possible. We make every possible attempt to earn your respect with hard work and kindness.

What to expect at your appointment

During your appointment, you will meet with a tax professional at your requested location who will prepare your income tax return while identifying deductions, credits, and tax planning items specific to your situation. Your preparer can answer your tax questions at this point in your appointment. Once all forms are completed, your consultant will electronically file your tax return in accordance with Federal and State tax guidelines. Filing your returns electronically helps to ensure accuracy and provides you with confirmation from the IRS and States agencies of receipt of your tax documents. Your tax consultant will print or email your electronic copy of your return.

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Why use a tax professional?

DIY projects have taken off in popularity over the last several years, and it’s not difficult to see why. By doing a project yourself, you’re in control of the price, the pace, and the quality. You no longer have to turn to a professional to get something done – these days, you can turn almost anything into a DIY project.

Anything, that is, except for your taxes.

While of course you can elect to do your own taxes, here’s why hiring a professional is smarter:

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